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The Beautiful Mess of Being Human

sheila head shot her)Solo Performance NYC  October 2017

Italian, badass mother of a disabled son, 3rd-time-not-a-charm wife, reluctant/sublime giver of care and presents. All wrapped in the diet-wrecked body of a recovering born-again Christian. Audacious love stories to life plucked from over 6 decades. Told by Sheila with her characteristic keen-eyed fervor and irreverence. Companion piece to her 2014 solo play, “This Being Human.”

The Beautiful Mess of Being Human Performance   (Click here for more information and to purchase tickets)

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California Writers Club Spring 2017

Writing Memoir for the Stage

Writing memoir is activism at its most personal and profound. Bearing witness to our lives, choosing to see and name what is/was true for us, being unapologetic for the life we have lived takes courage. By virtue of our willingness to be honest, we become more trustworthy, first to ourselves and then in relationship to others. And when we own our trustworthiness, we have the confidence to show up more for others and for the world at large.

Many of us write lots of pages, in journals, at our computers, on scraps of paper. Those private words are a good start. And yet, perhaps there is another edge to explore.

My passion for the art of writing for the stage stems from my belief in community-building, needed now more than ever. I believe we are being called to bust through the illusion that we are separate individuals having experiences unique to ourselves. My work allows me to expose the lie that the faceless “other” is different than me. But to truly erase that fear or suspicion of “other” I must first face the fear/shame/blame that arises from my own reflection. Compassion begins at home. By cultivating compassion for one’s own life, we are better equipped to meet others without fear.

Writing memoir and performing it is at once liberating, terrifying, fun, and an exercise in deep conversation between the writer/performer and the audience. I am looking forward to engaging with you!

Past Events

sheila kissing quinn

This Being Human   Solo Performance

This Being Human

In 2014 Sheila premiered her one-woman play, “This Being Human” performed at the Whitefire Theater SoloFest 2015 and around Southern California.